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Approved Driving Instructors


Passed your driving test?   Here's the plus side ...

…discover more driving techniques, hints and tips for just £20 (if you're aged 17-25 and live in Wales)

…and there’s no test!

Here's how it works...
You'll focus on:
• Heading off on the motorway
• Driving techniques and hazard awareness
• Getting around at night
• Coping with busy towns and cities
• Driving on rural country roads
• Thinking ahead – just like you’re doing now

What do you get from it?
• Better driving skills
• More chance of lower insurance*
• Less chance of a collision or injuring yourself, friends and others

Our small print
Driving’s your responsibility – take action to become an even better driver.
Pass Plus Cymru could be right up your street. It’s a short, expert-led higher driving
course designed for young people to develop road techniques and to widen experience.
It’s supported by the Welsh Government.

*By building on your driving skill, knowledge and hazard awareness, it could reduce your risk of being involved in a crash and may help you qualify for a discount with some insurance companies.

Find out more about insurance here


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